“I’m not a photographer…I’m an artist”

Damali Conceptuals


Philadelphia Photographer and Editor In Chief of Soft Screams Magazine, Damali Conceptuals

Damali Conceptuals

Damali is an internationally recognized and published fine art erotic portrait photographer. In addition, Damali is the head photographer and recently promoted Editor-In-Chief of Soft Screams Magazine.  ( The most popular and fastest growing Fine Art Erotic Photography Magazine on the internet)

Damali assisted in the founding of Soft Screams Magazine with his child hood friend and internet celebrity, Belladonna Del Rio.

Damali is probably known best as the executive producer and creative force behind the hit TV show “Soft Screams TV”.  Soft Screams TV features tiny short films or “vignettes” which tell a story through poetry, music, and his incredibly gifted perspectives and compositions via his photography.  Damali scripts the vignettes, casts the poets, musical artists, models, thespians, shoots the entire production and then edits the vignettes himself.  Damali’s vignettes ranges from salacious sexuality which titillate the senses to social atrocities which will make you cry. Damali’s range of artistic creativity appears to have no equal.

Damali is the quintessential “Renaissance Man” of the photography industry and it reflects in his pieces and collections. Too often misunderstood for his ultra-creative artistic interpretations and artistic expressions, he has taken to a very secluded lifestyle and creative environment in his hometown of Philadelphia Pa.

Damali prefers to shoot normal everyday people rather or brand new models to the industry. Damali feels as though their vulnerability and raw emotional “visual affects” are what gives his artwork their substance and sensuality.  Which is why Damali is one of the very rare and few major photographers in the entire world who still often shoots TFCD; at least once a week.

“The thought of allowing something as vulgar as money coming between me and the creation of my artwork is repugnant”. 
Damali Conceptuals